5 Largest Complaints About Janitorial Services and How to Solve Them

5 Largest Complaints About Janitorial Services and How to Solve Them

5 Largest Complaints About Janitorial Services and How to Solve Them

Many companies complain about their janitorial services not doing a proper job. While many of the employees are hard workers, problems often start high above what they can control as individuals. Before you hire a new janitorial service, learn some of the most common complaints and how to solve them.

Inadequate Training

Cleaning at home and cleaning on a commercial level are two different things. Yet, many cleaning companies expect workers to make the switch without any training. All janitorial workers should be trained in how to properly use the equipment, have checklists to follow in cleaning common spaces and receive additional training on specialized areas. Furthermore, commercial cleaners need training on hazmat and OSHA safety rules. While all cleaning services can claim, they provide this training, look for ones that can show you training materials and documentation.

High Worker Turnover

The janitorial industry has a very high turnover rate. This leads to jobs not being done correctly because of inexperience. It can also lead to jobs being left repeatedly undone because the employee does not intend to stay there. When this happens, then you get frustrated with your commercial cleaning service. Before hiring your next janitorial service in Los Angeles ask them about their turnover rate and ask for documentation to prove it.

Lack of Quality Assurance Programs

You may supervise your employees very well, but they may all be in one physical location. Janitorial services may have employees at diverse locations at the same time. Therefore, they must have a system in place to do surprise inspections so that they know when their workers are doing their jobs properly. Additionally, they should have some easy and convenient way for you to communicate with supervisors if problems arise or you are not happy with the job that is being done.

Lack of Communication

One of the frustrations of working in the janitorial industry is lack of communication between different levels. Look for a company that gives you an easy way to reach out when problems are small because some problems are bound to occur occasionally. You also need a service that can demonstrate that they have communicated the issue to the person doing the work and that a solution has been agreed upon and implemented to stop the problem.

Lack of Training Systems

As was touched on earlier, janitorial services need to be training their employees effectively. They should have training videos or written material that can be referred to if problems arise while cleaning your commercial building.

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