5 Tips for Creating a Better Waiting Room Experience for Your Patients

5 Tips for Creating a Better Waiting Room Experience for Your Patients

5 Tips for Creating a Better Waiting Room Experience for Your Patients

If you are a busy medical professional, then you may have not spent much time in your waiting room lately. Yet your patients spend time there waiting to see you. Creating a comfortable waiting area can be key to increasing patient satisfaction. 


Create Comfortable Spaces

Your waiting room does not have to be a line of uncomfortable chairs pushed up against the wall. Instead, create comfortable spaces that are functional for your patients who spend time waiting to see you. For example, if you see a lot of working professionals, then you might want to offer free Wi-Fi along with a comfortable workstation allowing them to stay productive while waiting on you. Alternatively, if your patients are young, then offer them a safe play area to keep them busy while they are waiting to see you. 


Provide Great Customer Service

You can always train people for a task that they need to do, but you can often not train for attitude. Therefore, the next time that you need to hire someone, even a janitorial service in Los Angeles, focus on hiring people with great attitudes. Then, automate as many tasks as you can giving them time to focus on your patients. Additionally, never let a customer leave without asking them about their visit and if you could have done anything to make the time spent in your office better. 


Provide Perks

There are lots of perks that can be offered in waiting rooms. Make sure that all the furniture there is ultra-comfortable to sit on. Think about installing a mini-fridge filled with drinks and bottled water. If your patients often come to see you on an empty stomach to get bloodwork done, then offer them some snacks that they can eat on their way out the door. Create a free library area by encouraging patients to bring in a book that they loved reading to exchange with books that other patients have left there. Not only will your patients love the extra touches, but they are sure to help increase the number and quality of reviews that they leave. 


Respect Time

Make sure to let your patients know if you are going to be delayed by more than a few minutes. Give them the option of waiting for you or send them a text message when it is fixing to be their turn. This allows patients to run errands in the area where your office is located or make arrangements for childcare of other pressing matters. 


Hire a Cleaning Service

Many doctors expect that their nurses and other staff will do the cleaning. Instead, hire a cleaning service. Your employees will feel more like you are honoring them by not asking them to do these tasks, so they will provide better customer service. Additionally, you can be sure that your janitorial service in Los Angeles properly sanitizes every surface.  When you trust a cleaning service like LA Maintenance, then they can even scrub and polish your floors keeping them looking great.