Are Low-cost Janitorial Supplies Robbing Your Bottom Line?

Are Low-cost Janitorial Supplies Robbing Your Bottom Line?

Are Low-cost Janitorial Supplies Robbing Your Bottom Line?

If you are buying your cleaning supplies, then you may be looking across the internet and at your vendor’s supply list for the cheapest products. While you can find products with low-price tags on them, in many cases, you are buying water with very little cleaning power. Before you spend another dime, learn some key factors to consider when purchasing commercial cleaning supplies.

What is the Cost-per-use?

Instead of looking strictly at the bottom line, you should also consider the cost-per-use of cleaning products. For example, pretend for a moment that you are looking to buy an all-purpose cleaner. Company A sells a concentrated quart for $10. When you add your own water, it makes four gallons of cleaner. Meanwhile, company B sells a concentrated cleaner for $18. When diluted for cleaning, it makes 36 gallons of cleaner. Therefore, company A’s product cost $2 per gallon while company B’s product costs $.50 per gallon.

Are There Hidden Costs?

Many companies who sell low-cost cleaning supplies will charge you extra for things that other companies include in their base fee. For example, will you have to pay an exorbitant handling fee? Find out who pays the shipping fee. If your company needs training on how to use the product, then does that come at an additional cost?

How Much Money Will be Tied Up?

Find out if you must pay for the product at the time that it is delivered, or can you set up a monthly payment plan. If you can set up monthly payments, then learn if that service comes at an additional cost. Learn if there is a discount for buying in volume, but before you agree, find out the shelf life of the product to make sure you will use it before it goes bad.

What are Your Priorities?

If your business is like most others, then you cannot afford to buy top quality for everything. Consider the areas of your business that workers must keep the cleanest, such as the executive suite and client meeting rooms. Then, make a list of supplies needed to clean these areas. Spend your budget on supplies for these priority areas first.

What are the Labor Requirements?

Read the product brochures to learn about different labor requirements for using different products. Ask yourself if your organization has the skills or can acquire the skills to use the cleaner. Furthermore, ponder if different cleaners allow you to use them faster than others. Generally, those products that workers can use the fastest will end up costing you less in the long run.

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