Give Your Office a White Glove Test

Give Your Office a White Glove Test

Give Your Office a White Glove Test

Dirt in your office can make your employees less productive, and they may even call in more often. Additionally, if customers or clients come to your office, many will consider its level of cleanliness when choosing to do business with you. If you have not given your office a white glove test lately, then it is time to take a closer look.


There is no better place to start your white glove test than the front door of your office complex. If there are steps there, look to see if someone is sweeping them regularly. Any debris left here will inevitably be tracked into your office complex. If you have steps inside your office, ensure that they are clean.


Again, head outside to be sure that the doorknob on the front of your complex is clean as you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Then, inspect every doorknob in your facility. Pay special attention to the inside and outside of bathrooms.

Picture Frames

Run a lint-free cloth across the top of the picture frame to make sure that someone is dusting regularly. If the artwork has glass over it, examine it from all angles to see if you can spot any fingerprints. If the canvas does not have any glass over it, then look for fingerprints on it.

Office Chairs

Now take your lint-free cloth and run it across the bottom of your office chairs. Look particularly right under the seat as dust tends to accumulate there.  If you have upholstery-covered chairs, then check the upholstery for spots.


Especially if you have a high-speed printer, dirt loves to accumulate there. Part of the problem is that as the machine works, the paper puts off little shreds that scatter everywhere. The motors on these machines also cause dust to pile up on them on the floor and on the fan itself.


If you have a textured ceiling, then dust loves to settle in the little crevices that make up these types of ceilings. You may need a ladder to see the earth, but it can fall on your employees, making them sneeze and suffer other allergy symptoms. While you are up there look for dust on the vents and on the moldings where the ceiling and walls meet. When you get down, check the baseboards too.

While you have just started the process of giving your building a white-glove test, if you are disappointed in the results that you are seeing, call L.A. Maintenance about their office cleaning in Los Angeles. You will immediately notice a difference in the cleanliness of your building when you use this service for office cleaning in Los Angeles. You may also see that your employees are happier, more productive, and present more often.