Keep Los Angeles Offices Clean During Rainy Season

Keep Los Angeles Offices Clean During Rainy Season

Keep Los Angeles Offices Clean During Rainy Season

The first drops of rain during the rainy season usually fall in October in Los Angeles. Then, the season can last until April. The most torrential rains often fall during December. If you are an office manager, building owner or manager, then you know that it can be particularly challenging to keep your office clean during this period.  

Use Entrance Mats

If your entrance mats are beginning to look a little faded or you have never had them in the first place, then it is time for a new one. Look for options that can remove a lot of water, or you may need to change them out regularly. The best options have protection on the back so that they will not scratch your floor. They also have a rough texture to knock more mud and water off people’s shoes. Look for options that are fade-resistant and extra thick.  

Increase Cleaning Frequency

On wet rainy days, the air is more humid. Humid air can lead to more mold and bacteria growth. Therefore, you need to have all the surfaces of your office cleaned more regularly. Since it is more likely to rain around the winter holidays when your staff may be busy anyway, make sure to arrange office cleaning in Los Angeles with a reputable cleaning service, like L.A. Maintenance. They will be glad to help keep your office spotless.  

Check Your Air Ventilation

Humid air leads to more indoor air pollution. Therefore, before the season starts, get your air ventilation equipment checked. The great news is that the more air that is moving through your building, the less likely your employees will come down with bacterial infections, like colds and cases of flu. You may even want to bring in some air-cleaning plants to help keep the air fresh all year round. Closed up environments during colder periods tend to develop odor problems.  

Clean Windows Frequently

When it is rainy, you need to clean your office windows more often, or they will become spotted. If you want to tackle this job yourself, then apply a coating to help rain from sticking to the window. Spots will not form on a clean window, so keeping them spotless between rainstorms is a great way to keep your windows spot-free. You may also want to look at your landscaping and eliminate any pollen-producing plants so that the pollen does not stick to your windows. Depending on the size of your building, you may want to consider installing an overhang or canopy above the windows.  

While we cannot stop the rainy season, L.A. Maintenance can help with office cleaning in Los Angeles. Give these professionals a call today, and they will be glad to come out and give you a bid for your office cleaning in Los Angeles. Contact them today before the rainy season arrives.