Low-cost Tips to Get Your Commercial Property Moving

Low-cost Tips to Get Your Commercial Property Moving

Low-cost Tips to Get Your Commercial Property Moving

If you own a commercial property, then doing a little prep work ahead of leasing or selling it can bring you huge rewards. According to Commercial Real Estate Services, Los Angeles is one of the most attractive locations in the Western Hemisphere to operate a business. Therefore, it may be time to prepare your commercial property by following these steps and get it on the market.  

Spruce Up the Exterior

The first thing that potential buyers or leasers will notice is the outside of the building, so make it look great. Start by giving the exterior a fresh coat of paint and do some low-maintenance landscaping. Make sure that you repair any potential slip-and-fall hazards outside your building. Head up to the roof to make sure that it is in great shape.  


A fresh coat of paint will help the interior of the building look great. It is also an excellent way to get rid of any logos or other marketing that previous tenants have painted on the walls. Painting helps prospective buyers to envision their own company operating out of the building. Try sticking to neutral color schemes so that everyone can easily see their stuff in the space.  


Your commercial property needs to look clean before you or a realtor shows it to prospective buyers. Perhaps, even unconsciously, buyers see a clean building as a well-maintained one. Start by making sure that your building has no problems that OSHA could cite. Then, hire a janitorial service in Los Angeles, like L.A. Maintenance, to make sure that it is spotless. A complete cleaning lets in more natural light. It can also bring back luster to long-neglected fixtures.


Just like when selling your home, staging is a crucial step in getting your property to move fast and for top dollar. Pay particular attention to the lobby as it is the first area potential buyers might see of the building’s interior. You want them to feel like they could welcome their clients there readily. Select furniture that is comfortable and inviting. Secondly, pay attention to the executive suite as this is where the buyer or one of his top employees will be working. After you have the business staged, make sure to hire a janitorial service in Los Angeles to make sure that it stays spotless.  

While you may need to hire a landscaper, painter, and realtor to sell or lease your commercial property in Los Angeles, one of the most influential teams to hire is a reliable janitorial service. They can help make your building look great, which helps ensure that you get top dollar. Call L.A. Maintenace today to set up the details as they want to be your janitorial service in Los Angeles.