Maintaining the Value of Your Commercial Property

Maintaining the Value of Your Commercial Property

Maintaining the Value of Your Commercial Property

A recent study found that it takes an average of two years to recoup the money that you lose when a single tenant moves out of your commercial building. Alternatively, if the client is happy, then they are 300 percent more likely to renew their lease. Therefore, you should be looking to keep your commercial tenants happy.


Maintaining a Safe Building

Maintaining a safe and clean building is a great way to ensure that your commercial clients stay happy. Make sure that you regularly have the outside of the property cleaned. Power washing the outside of the building, the parking lot and sidewalks helps them look their best. Inspect the parking lot to make sure that there are no issues that need repairing. You should have the parking lot sealcoated at least every five years to keep it from breaking down. Make sure that the property is properly lit so that employees can feel safe coming into the building early in the morning and leaving at night.


Keep Common Areas Clean

Most commercial property owners require that their tenants maintain the inside of their business, but if there are common areas, then you need to see that these areas are kept clean. If your property is in Los Angeles, then consider hiring an office cleaning in Los Angeles service to do this work for you. They can clean the restrooms and replace supplies as needed. The service’s employees can also wash, wax and buff the floors. They can also take care of the exterior glass. When you show tenants that you care about your building, they are more likely to maintain the outside. They are also more likely to want to resign their lease when the time comes.


Perform Property Repairs Quickly

Every building needs repairs occasionally. Set aside money to take care of these repairs as they occur. You should inspect the roof on a regular basis ensuring that it stays in great condition. Check with tenants to make sure that your building’s electrical system is not causing any problems. Get the HVAC system inspected on a regular basis. Consider adding landscaping so that the building looks great for your tenants.


Contact LA Maintenance

You should call LA Maintenance to help you be a better commercial building landlord. While they cannot do everything on this list, there are many tasks that they can take care of for you. For example, they can power wash the outside of your building making it look super. They can also take care of all your building’s cleaning needs. They can take care of your building’s floor needs like stripping, waxing and buffing common areas. You may even want to set up a day porter service as they can do some minor repairs to your building. Remember that when you show that you care by hiring office cleaning in Los Angeles, your tenants are more likely to renew their leases saving you money in the long run.