Restroom Office Cleaning Tips

Restroom Office Cleaning Tips

Restroom Office Cleaning Tips

About 15 percent of customers say that they will not return to a location where the restrooms are nasty while another 35 percent say that they are hesitant to return to those locations. Therefore, depending on the frequency of your office cleaning in Los Angeles, you may want to clean the restroom between service days. Here are some tips to help you accomplish the job.


Choose the Right Products

You will want to talk to your service about the right products to use in your restroom. You will need many different products to clean the different surfaces found in restrooms. You will want to read on the products and follow the manufacturer’s suggestions on how long to let products set. Almost all products work better if you apply them and let them sit for a few minutes before cleaning with them.


Prepare the Area

Do not start cleaning the area without putting out wet floor signs. Make sure that the sign is placed so that people will see it before entering any area that you are going to mop. In addition, you will want to put on protective eyewear, a protective apron, and wear gloves. There are many different germs lurking in the bathroom, and you do not want to expose yourself to unnecessary risks. Make sure that someone blocks the door if you are cleaning in the restroom that you normally do not use.


Clean from High to Low

Start cleaning at the top of the stalls because you will be amazed at the number of dust bunnies that hide there. Be careful to use a clean rag for each task because you do not want to spread germs. Clean the sink area paying special attention to the bottom of the soap dispenser because they will not work properly if they are stopped up. Always mop last so that you can back your way out of the room without having to step on your wet floor.


Check Supplies

If you have ever gone into a restroom and had to have someone hand you toilet paper from another stall, then you know how frustrating it is to go into a bathroom that is not properly stocked. Open the paper towel display. If it uses paper towels that sit upright, then tear out the middle paper and start threading it through the hole. If there are very few towels left, replace the roll and save the little dab for another purpose.


If you do not get office cleaning in Los Angeles almost every day, then use these tips to help you clean the restroom. You can expect it to take about 20 minutes to clean each restroom after you have made sure that it is not in use. If you do not have this kind of time, then you may want to talk to your office cleaning service about increasing the number of times that they visit your location weekly.