Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Day Porter Service

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Day Porter Service

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Day Porter Service

Having a well-maintained property is a great first impression to give customers that come to your place of business. Once people feel comfortable with your premises, they are more likely to do business with you than if you had a dirty building with many unsightly trash around. Why do you need to have a day porter service for your building? This is because most times, you simply cannot do it on your own and you don’t want your customer to see your building looking unsightly.

It therefore pays to have a full-service maintenance and cleaning team to handle all your cleaning professionally. A janitorial service in Los Angeles will help you focus on the business of satisfying your clients without having to worry about the other daily maintenance issues around the building. Here are some reasons why a day porter service is important to your business:


Junk removal

Every day, visitors, employees and other people that pass through the building will most likely leave something behind that deserves to be in the trash. Janitorial services in Los Angeles help to collect your crash and prevent someone slipping on it. A day porter will also clean and disinfect areas that need cleaning.


Maintaining restrooms

The restrooms are important to any business and a day porter ensures that it is clean and tidy all day long. A dirty restroom is unsightly and gives a bad impression to customers who need to ease themselves.


Emptying trash

Overfilled junk bins are an inconvenience that can also spread diseases and bad odor throughout an office. A client walking into an office building and seeing overflowing trash bins will not be willing to do business as it gives off a sign of a lack of maintenance or an ability to handle simple things. A day porter’s responsibilities include emptying trash cans, making sure that trash is picked up and the office building looks professional.


Cleaning windows

Smudges on your glass windows or doors can be off-putting to someone walking in as a sign that the company is inefficient. Good hygiene is a sign that a company means business and smudgy windows and glass doors do not look the part. Day porters will ensure that your windows are clean and free from fingerprints, smudges and other stains that can distract clients negatively.


Having professional janitorial services in Los Angeles is priceless to any office or apartment building. Speak to us at LA Maintenance Professional Building Services today to enjoy high-quality commercial cleaning, day porter services and janitorial services in Los Angeles. Call us on 323-680-4086 for a free estimate today.