Infections You Can Catch at the Gym

Infections You Can Catch at the Gym

Infections You Can Catch at the Gym

When you go to your local fitness center, you trust that it is being maintained and properly cleaned daily.  At the gym, many people sweat and exchange bodily fluids simply by touching the same machines and equipment.  This is minimized when the equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized between each use.  Keeping your fitness center clean is of utmost importance to maintaining the health of your clients.  Hiring a quality janitorial service in Los Angeles to help keep your fitness center clean will help you retain customers and keep them healthy and safe during their workout.  There are a few infections that commonly spread through your fitness center and affect your clients.


Staph bacteria are the most common germs that you can catch when you are working out at your local gym.  Most of the time, this bacteria actually doesn't cause any issues.  However, when it does, it can cause serious boils to develop on your skin.  The best way to avoid contact with staph is by sanitizing and wiping down gym equipment before and after you use them.  Typically, staph affects those who perform contact sports, so be sure that you shower after you play football or basketball at the gym as well.  

Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot and jock itch are two common infections that can be brought home from the gym.  Fungi are everywhere, and they typically like to lurk in moist environments commonly found in your sneakers or locker room of your gym.  Avoid walking around the gym without any shoes, and also be sure that you practice proper hygiene immediately following a workout.  If you can, avoid showering at your fitness center.  This fungus causes an itchy rash to develop on areas like your feet, groin, and even underarms.  This can be simply treated with an antifungal cream or spray.


Another popular fungal infection that you can encounter at the gym is ringworm.  This can occur anywhere on your body, but it most commonly affects your torso, arms, and legs.  It appears as dark, scaly circles on your skin, as the name suggests.  Practicing good hygiene following a workout will help prevent ringworm.  Wearing shoes and washing your socks and clothes immediately after a workout can keep infections away from your body.

Cold and Flu

Any type of infection can spread quickly through a small and enclosed area.  When people that are sick work out at your gym, they can cough, touch equipment, and leave their germs behind for you to contract.  Washing your hands and sanitizing equipment will help to defend you from contracting these common respiratory infections while you're working out.  

These are a few of the common infections that you can catch when you're working out at your local gym.  These can be avoided when the fitness center hires quality janitorial services in Los Angeles to perform their routine cleaning duties.  It is also essential to sanitize any supplies or equipment you use when you are working out.  This helps to keep the gym environment safe and healthy for everyone there.  Contact us today if you are looking to hire a cleaning company to keep your gym safe for all your clients.