The Many Jobs of a Day Porter

The Many Jobs of a Day Porter

The Many Jobs of a Day Porter

Have you noticed that your common areas, such as lobbies and restrooms, tend to get dirty before the afternoon?  Are you curious how you can keep up with these cleaning responsibilities without taking the time out of your busy day?  A day porter is the perfect solution for you.  Day porters from our quality office cleaning in Los Angeles are cleaning professionals that specialize in keeping your building or business in great shape throughout the day.  You can hire them to tend to the daily responsibilities that are time-consuming and difficult to keep up with yourself.  There are many jobs that a day porter can take care of so that you can have a clean, safe environment for your customers and employees.

Clean Your Bathrooms

Throughout the day, your bathrooms can see a lot of traffic, especially those in lobbies or common areas of the office or building.  Tending to the bathrooms is important, because dirty bathrooms can deter your customers from wanting to enter.  Also, bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs.   Keeping your bathroom clean will prevent the spread of germs throughout your office, which will keep everyone healthier and reduce your employees' need for sick leave.

Clean Any Spills or Accidents

Accidents happen, and sometimes these accidents can take time to clean.  Because you are likely busy with other job responsibilities, you'll want to have someone on hand to be able to tend to basic accidents, like spills.  If these are neglected, they can create a tripping hazard.  If an employee or customer slips and falls in your business, you may be liable to pay for their medical bills or other types of compensation.

Empty Trash Bins

Overflowing trash bins are an eyesore on your property.  Whenever these bins are full, you'll want to tend to them in quick fashion to prevent trash buildup and messes from occurring.  Day porters will be available to empty your trash and keep your space looking clean and tidy.

Disinfect Surfaces

After your clients or customers leave your office, they may have brought in germs that you'll want to disinfect.  Because of the current climate, you want to disinfect and sanitize your surface as often as possible in order to prevent the spread of illness.  By having a day porter around, you won't have to take the time out of your busy schedule to tend to disinfecting needs that are required to keep your business safe and healthy.

These are just a few of the common jobs that a day porter can take care of when you hire them to tend to the daily needs in your office, building, or business.  These small jobs can truly make a big difference, as they will give off the first impression that you wish customers to remember.  They also keep the workplace safe from slip and fall hazards, which can prevent injury.  If you are looking for quality day porter services, contact our professionals in office cleaning in Los Angeles to get started with our cleaning professionals today.