Three Strategies for Cleaning Your Medical Facility

Three Strategies for Cleaning Your Medical Facility

Three Strategies for Cleaning Your Medical Facility

Medical facilities, like doctors' offices, hospitals, outpatient rehab centers, and dentist offices, require extra cleaning practices because of the work they do here.  Dealing with patients at a high volume and close proximity allows the spread of germs to skyrocket in medical facilities.  This requires medical facilities to be cleaned using special materials, equipment, and supplies on a more diligent and routine basis.  As a top janitorial service in Los Angeles, we professionally clean many medical practices, facilities, and hospitals each and every day.  Our cleaning practices meet the CDC guidelines and health recommended regulations that ensure patient and doctor health and safety.  There are a few important strategies that we follow when we are cleaning your medical facility.

Use Appropriate Cleaners and Disinfectants

Hospital and medical grade disinfectants and cleaning products should always be used to clean any medical facility.  These types of supplies are the best at removing germs and bacteria that can cause more people to get sick when they need to visit your facility.  Because there are already sick and immunocompromised individuals at your medical facility, you will want to take the extra precautions to protect them from any additional health risks.

Maintain and Clean Medical Equipment

As a medical staff member, you are likely trained on the proper maintenance of medical equipment.  As a professional cleaning company that works in many different medical environments, we are also familiar with many of the proper techniques to maintain and handle medical equipment that we need to clean. Although we do not operate this equipment, we will still need to disinfect and sanitize the equipment using the proper cleaning detergents and supplies.  This will ensure that no damage will come to your expensive equipment but that it will be fully cleaned for safe operating.

Ventilation and Proper Water Management

Professional cleaning companies like ours will use water and chemicals to clean your facility.  This must be done properly in order to prevent accidents related to tripping and falling and also prevent guests or patients from breathing in toxic fumes.  We adhere to the proper ventilation standards when we are using certain cleaners, and we also provide water management to prevent accidents in the facility.  This allows proper time to dry the floors before any guests walk on it, and it provides the right air flow to prevent any stagnant chemical exposure.

These are a few important strategies that we follow when we clean medical facilities, such as doctors' offices, hospitals, and private medical practices.  The use of state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning detergents recommended by the CDC allows our janitorial service in Los Angeles to keep your staff and patients safe when they choose you.  Contact us to hear about our cleaning practices for your medical facility today.