10 Points to Consider When Looking for a Professional Janitorial Company for Your Facility

10 Points to Consider When Looking for a Professional Janitorial Company for Your Facility

10 Points to Consider When Looking for a Professional Janitorial Company for Your Facility

It is possible to find the best available janitorial services, though it will not be easy. There are many factors to consider when choosing a professional janitorial service to clean your facility. By putting in work through asking questions and verifying information, you are more likely to partner with a commercial janitorial service in Los Angeles that can effectively deliver the services required for you and your facility.

Janitorial services are available in many different forms, while only a few are equipped to handle cleaning larger facilities with the required degree of responsiveness and professionalism. Whether you are trying to determine which janitorial service professionals are qualified to care for your facility or looking for the very best janitorial service available, the following 10 points will separate the best janitorial companies from the rest. The secret to finding the best commercial janitorial service involves considering the following 10 points to help you find your way through a crowded janitorial service marketplace to locate the janitorial company that will be the best partner for cleaning and maintaining your facility with the highest standard of care available.

Transparent pricing with precise, easy-to-understand bids.

Janitorial pricing should never be unclear or fuzzy. Sometimes confusing pricing is an apparent attempt to play pricing games that make it easy to charge you more with hidden costs in the future. Other times, confusing pricing is simply a failure for the cleaning company to fully understand how to price their services accurately. Either way, if a commercial cleaning company cannot provide clear, transparent pricing and janitorial bids, they should not be in the running for maintaining your facility.

Legal hiring and good people.

People are invaluable to the janitorial service business. If your prospective janitorial company is not serious about their people, it will show in their security service, delivery, and more. It is essential to ensure that a prospective janitorial company avoids hiring undocumented workers or getting Involved with illegal subcontracting. It is vital to confirm that the company goes above and beyond to attract, hire, and retain employees who are an excellent fit for the job.

Solid record of compliance and security.

The best janitorial companies will not tolerate shortcuts with compliance and security. The people coming in and out of your building throughout the day and night must be trustworthy. Trust must be grounded in factual information and data and cannot simply be a feeling. It would be best if you never trusted your facility in the hands of a janitorial company or individual that does not have a demonstrably proven record of high-level employee screening through drug testing and background checks. Besides, you wouldn't trust the care of your kids to just anyone, so you should do your due diligence when finding a janitorial company to fit your needs.

Training must be individualized, consistent, and thorough.

Locating the best janitorial company to fit your needs requires searching for companies that offer comprehensive quality staff training. Of course, other critical aspects help assure effective facility maintenance, but a janitorial company without sufficient training for their staff will consistently underdeliver. Be sure that a prospective janitorial company offers comprehensive, safety, general, and extra training specific to your facility or industry. You should always feel confident that your janitorial company provides workers who are well trained and equipped to do the best job possible.

A solid commitment to safety and health.

Safety and health are essential components of high-quality building maintenance. When it comes to your facility visitors and their employees and your tenants and employees, your commercial cleaning company must consider safety and health through every part of the cleaning process. From requiring criminal background checks and drug screening of their staff to using to minding the spread of infectious illnesses and managing air quality while using cleaning chemicals that meet the highest safety standards. Safety and health must always be top of mind.

A deep understanding of cleaning for health and the science of clean.

With people consistently coming in and out of your busy facility, there is an increased risk of transmitting common illnesses like colds and cases of flu. Understanding how disease-causing bacteria and germs spread quickly in high-traffic facilities and how to effectively reduce their transmission is a crucial responsibility of your professional janitorial company. Every prospective janitorial service should have a firm grasp of cleaning for health and the science of clean. Knowledgeable, experienced janitorial services clearly understand how to use their knowledge of the spread of germs and bacteria, cross-contamination, hot spots, and more to keep your building clean effectively and its occupants healthy and safe.

Innovative Cleaning Solutions for low budgets like team cleaning or smart cleaning.

A prospective janitorial company must apply and understand innovative solutions to lower costs and keep your facility on budget. For instance, smart cleaning involves identifying essential services in your building, understanding necessary but not crucial services, determining services you can go without intermittently, where you can and cannot cut costs, and how to be efficient without being obvious certain services have been reduced. In reality, it takes an agile, highly professional cleaning company to reduce costs without allowing your building maintenance to decline sharply. Similarly, team cleaning can reduce costs without demolishing quality. With the team cleaning process, each cleaner is responsible for a specific set of duties to increase accountability and task mastery to skyrocket efficiency. This added efficiency reduces the need for added equipment and labor.

Risk and liability management and insurance.

The very best janitorial companies do not just protect themselves; they also protect you and your facility. Any prospective cleaning service company should have four types of insurance coverage to mitigate risks and manage liability. These four categories of coverage include worker’s compensation, general liability, automobile liability, and an umbrella policy. You should always verify insurance coverage to have peace of mind in that you and your janitorial company are adequately protected.

Janitorial turnover that is lower than average.

Employee turnover average is around two hundred percent in the janitorial industry. Though this level of turnover is typical, it definitely doesn't have to be. Service industries' turnover is commonly high, especially with less skilled lower-wage labor. Still, janitorial turnover can often result from a lack of best practices by the janitorial company themselves. In many cases, employee turnover often boils down to a lack of benefits, competitive wages, quality training that raises engagement and performance, and a lack of management response that supports good people in doing their best. High janitorial employee turnover results in a revolving door of new people in and out of your facility leading to security problems and reduced value of the services you are receiving.

Individualized services.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution with janitorial services each facility is different. From expectations, use and traffic patterns, and facility layout. All facility managers want to save money, and the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck is not to pay for services that your facility doesn't actually need. The best janitorial services will customize a maintenance schedule with your facility’s individual needs in mind. Be careful with companies offering cleaning quotes based on just square footage. The most professional janitorial service in Los Angeles will require specific information to help them understand how your space is used and what is most important. Then, it will offer you an accurate cleaning quote based on the services you require.