Eight Disinfecting and Cleaning Practices Employers Should Follow

Eight Disinfecting and Cleaning Practices Employers Should Follow

Eight Disinfecting and Cleaning Practices Employers Should Follow

Are you a business owner or manager that is responsible for keeping up with the cleaning practices at your office or work facility?  When you run a business, you not only have to consider the business aspect of your company, but you need to handle the everyday concerns as well.  This includes office cleaning in Los Angeles, which is more important now than ever before.  As we navigate through the coronavirus pandemic, we have been instructed the proper ways to keep our businesses and facilities disinfected and fully sanitized to prevent the spread of illness.  There are a few tips you need to follow in order properly disinfect and clean if you are a business owner, employer, or manager.

Create a Plan

Before you even start to clean, you will want to sit down and devise a plan.  This includes deciding which cleaning products work for your budget and your needs, choosing times to perform certain tasks, and doing your research on what cleaning practices are now advised by the CDC to keep workplaces clean.  As you educate yourself, you can learn how to implement the right cleaning practices without wasting time, and also knowing that you are effectively removing the health risks from the office or facility.  Devise a plan that consists of what needs to be cleaned, how it will be cleaned, and how frequently it will be cleaned.  

Use the Right Products

Be sure that you are using the right cleaning solutions and products for your office.  Many people may now know it, but they might be using products that don't actually kill the viruses and bacteria that they intend to remove.  To stop wasting time and money, you will want to do some research on the right cleaning products.  Check with the CDC health regulations to learn more about what products will kill the viruses you intend to target.

Read the Instruction Labels

After you get the cleaning solutions in your office space, you want to take some time to familiarize yourself with how they properly work.  Some of the solutions may need to sit on a surface for a period of time before they can be removed.  By learning about the proper ways to handle and clean using those solutions, you will be able to effectively and fully clean your office space.  Without the right information, you may actually be wasting your time cleaning without effectively removing the germs or bacteria.  Read the instruction labels, post signs on proper cleaning etiquette, and train your cleaning staff for proper office cleaning in Los Angeles.

Implement Routine Cleaning Practices

By tending to cleaning on a routine basis, you reduce the risk of transmission of diseases.  It is important to increase the amount of sanitizing and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, as these are common places that can spread the virus quickly.  Consider coming up with a cleaning routine that works for your company.  For example, you may need to disinfect the bathrooms in common areas on an hourly basis, depending on the frequency of its use and the amount of traffic your business sees daily.  Make the right judgement to prevent the spread of disease in the workplace.

Disinfect Properly

When it comes to disinfecting surfaces, especially high-touch surfaces, you will want to ensure that you are using the right products.  To kill the coronavirus, you need to be using a disinfectant that is on the EPA List N, which will effectively kill this virus from any surfaces.   When disinfecting, be sure that you let the solution sit on the surface, staying wet for a period of time, before you wipe it off.  This allows it to fully soak in and do its job.  Also, it is advised to wear disposable gloves and have proper ventilation when you are doing this.  Many professional cleaners that understand proper office cleaning in Los Angeles will understand this procedure so don't have to worry about it.

Use Chemicals Safely

Some cleaning solutions have strong and toxic chemicals that can cause a danger if they are used incorrectly or without proper precautions in place.  When using cleaning solutions loaded with chemicals, you will want to wear disposable gloves and have proper ventilation.   Be sure to store chemicals out of reach of young children or pets, if your facility has these individuals.  Use only the recommended amount of the cleaning solution to avoid overuse or dangers.  Also, familiarize yourself with the specific instructions, as you may need to wear protective eyewear or goggles as well.  Avoid eating or drinking when you are using these chemicals to prevent any accidental ingestion.

Wash Hands Frequently

When you are cleaning your office space or facility, you will also want to wash your hands frequently to avoid any contamination.  This will also help you from touching your eyes, developing any rashes or skin irritations, or developing any potential hazards that could occur.  Wearing disposable gloves and other protective equipment is recommended when you are using strong cleaning supplies.

Hire Professionals in Office Cleaning in Los Angeles

To save yourself the time on increased, routine cleaning practices, you should consider hiring professional cleaners to take care of your office cleaning needs.  These professionals have access to the right equipment, supplies, and cleaning solutions to remove health concerns on a daily basis.

These are just a few of the ways to properly and effective disinfect, clean, and sanitize your office building or facility.  When you are struggling to meet the increased cleaning practices on a daily basis, it may be time to call the professionals in office cleaning in Los Angeles.  Our professional cleaning team is trained with the right equipment to ensure the effective and proper cleaning methods outlined by the CDC and keep your staff and customers safe at work.  Contact us to get on our schedule today.