Eight Ways Cleaning Practices Have Changed Because of the Pandemic

Eight Ways Cleaning Practices Have Changed Because of the Pandemic

Eight Ways Cleaning Practices Have Changed Because of the Pandemic

It's no secret that many people have been increasing their cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting practices at their homes, offices, and workplaces.  To stop the worrying and fear while also focusing on how to stay safe and healthy, many people have been investing money in cleaning supplies, equipment, and materials like never before.  Many companies have also turned to a daily janitorial service in Los Angeles to help them keep their facilities, buildings, and offices clean on a routine basis to meet this ever-growing demand.  Keeping our employees and customers healthy has become a focal point of many business missions.  There are a few ways that cleaning practices have changed because of the threat of coronavirus.

Establish New Protocols

Before you even begin cleaning your facility, you want to make sure that you are doing it the right way.  Perhaps you have learned that your old cleaning supplies are not effective in removing viruses, or you learned that you don't have the technology to fully and effectively sterilize your materials between uses.  Many business owners and managers have had to learn entirely different cleaning systems so that they can meet the new regulations from the CDC during the pandemic.  This may include reaching out to a janitorial service in Los Angeles for professional cleaning advice or services, or it may include investing in expensive sterilization devices to take care of your cleaning for you.

Train Staff Often

Due to the constantly evolving science, technology, and regulations, many businesses have been holding frequent staff training sessions to only discuss cleaning routines.  To meet all the current guidelines, everyone must be on the same page.  This requires additional work hours, constant communication, and frequent research on the latest specifications.

Establish To-Do Lists

In order to be fully effective and safe for customers, employees, or patients, businesses and medical facilities must follow each step of the cleaning routine.  This ensures that all of the equipment is fully sanitized and disinfected in between each use, which stops any potential transmission of bacteria or viruses.  Each guideline must be followed specifically in order to maintain fully effective cleaning practices in your facility.

Show Your Cleaning Practices

Before the pandemic, many customers, employees, or patients just trusted that you kept a clean facility.  However, as the pandemic increased our awareness to the spread of germs and viruses, many of us became fearful or worried about contracting illnesses.  This means that companies had to make sure that their cleaning practices and procedures were clearly visible to others.  Many businesses show that they sanitize technology in between each customer, visibly sanitize their hands each time they switch tasks, and hang signs in windows or on walls to show their new procedures.  This shows others that they are following the rules, which provides customers and employees with extra assurance when they are in their facility.

Keep the Air Clean

Many businesses are probably accustomed to having their HVAC cleaned and serviced at least once a year, but the pandemic may have changed this.  As we learned more about how the virus travels from person to person, we have been increasing air purification in our buildings and homes.  This improves the air quality so that pollutants, contaminants, and viruses, and bacteria can be removed from the air.  Without the right purification systems, your air may actually be polluted, which can contribute to your overall degraded air quality and cause harm to your staff and customers.

Gain Confidence

By showcasing their new cleaning practices, businesses have shown their customers that they take each and every one's health and safety seriously.  This establishes assurance and credibility, which can be the difference between gaining and losing a return customer.  When you show that you are washing your hands, hiring professional cleaners or our janitorial service in Los Angeles, and sanitizing technology between each use, you gain their confidence and trust.

Invest in Cleaning Equipment and PPE Supplies

Many facilities have investing in sterilizing and disinfecting equipment that has helped to make the job easier.  UV lamps and other sanitization devices have made a world of difference when it comes to cleaning your equipment between each use.  As you learn more about what your company needs, you are able to bend to the new demands to keep everything fully sanitized.  When you invest in the right equipment, you can save yourself the time it would normally take to clean everything by hand.  These devices can streamline the process while also ensuring that the facility, supplies, and materials are effectively sterilized and disinfected.

Hire a Professional Janitorial Service in Los Angeles

Because of the ever-changing demands of cleaning during the pandemic, many businesses and facilities have turned to professionals cleaners.  Professional cleaners are able to take care of all the daily cleaning chores so that you can continue doing your job.  These cleaning teams can work all day to ensure that common areas are kept clean as customers and employees use your office or facility.  They clean bathrooms throughout the day, empty garbage, keep up with any spills or floor issues, wipe windows, vacuum carpets, and any other jobs that will keep your facility looking like new.  When customers see these professionals doing their job, they will know that you value their business by treating them the right way.

These are just a few of the ways that the way we clean, sanitize, and disinfect our homes and businesses have been forever altered because of the threat of COVID-19.  As many people enhance their daily cleaning practices, they have been turning to our professionals for janitorial service in Los Angeles.  We offer day-in and day-out cleaning services to meet all of your needs.  Contact the cleaning staff at LA Maintenance to hear more about our janitorial services today.