Factors to Acknowledge when Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Service

Factors to Acknowledge when Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Service

Factors to Acknowledge when Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Service

 Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your customers, employees, and tenants requires choosing the best janitorial service provider in your area. Choosing a janitorial service provider for commercial cleaning can be a real challenge for building owners with such a competitive marketplace. However, choosing the right services does not mean you have to go with the first company you encounter. Our experts offer these factors worth consideration when hiring a professional cleaning company.


Many consumers equate a low price with a lower level of quality. Unfortunately, in some cases, this is very true. For example, the least expensive janitorial services on the market may just be looking for quick money instead of establishing long-term relationships with businesses based on property requirements, reliability, and quality service. Likewise, when a company takes pride in its product and workforce, it is easy to see that they are interested in being well-established in the industry and take pride in satisfactory products and a happy workforce.

 When seeking a janitorial service in Los Angeles, it is crucial to consider references, testimonials, and word of mouth. When other businesses in the industry are willing to refer a commercial cleaning company, that is a good sign that the company does a thorough and satisfactory job.

Clear pricing and transparent bids

Pricing from a commercial janitorial company should be clear and understandable. An unclear pricing structure is evidence that a professional janitorial company is not clear how to price its services accurately. On the other hand, unclear pricing can also be an attempt to hide additional charges that may come up during your services. Either way, companies that cannot provide transparent pricing and easily understandable bids are not a good choice to work with. Working with companies like these may cause you to get low-quality, expensive services that do not fit your expectations.
Pricing for commercial janitorial services should consider several important factors, including

  • Type of facility

Classification of your property’s facility type helps determine the services needed and the equipment and products required to clean the property accurately. Examples of facility types include medical facilities, retail, industrial, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, office, or mixed-use properties.

  • Finishes.

A professional janitorial company that considers finishes of restroom fixtures, countertop surfaces, elevator interiors, door materials, and flooring types is likely to be aware of the different maintenance procedures and practices required to restore and protect these different types of finishes. It is typical for janitorial companies to break down a facility's square footage based on the different flooring finishes within the property. This breakdown allows a janitorial company to calculate a viable assessment of your building's floor care needs and the type of cleaning services required to clean them properly. These floor care needs can often include processes like carpet cleaning, ceramic tile scrubbing, and tile burnishing.

  • Budget and expectations

It is vital to make your expectations and budget clear to the professional janitorial company so that they can provide an accurate quote on the services they will administer along with their cost. Giving a comprehensive list of everything you need can help you avoid unexpected charges outside of the initial quote structure. This can also help you to be clear of whether your expectations and budget are appropriately matched.

  • Consumables

A commercial janitorial cleaning service can often manage restroom supplies such as toilet paper, hand towels, soap, and hand sanitizers. The company should provide the cost of these consumables in their initial quote. This makes it necessary to be aware of your daily number of occupants and visitors in the office or facility to allow the janitorial company to provide an accurate quote of services.

  • Frequency.

An experienced commercial janitorial company should offer recommendations on how often your office needs to have cleaning performed. They can easily break down the services into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily task lists. For example, restocking and cleaning up high traffic areas may be required several times a day, while they can do things like carpet cleaning less often.

Safety and health commitment

The risk of transmitting viruses and diseases like covid-19, the common cold, or the flu is higher when running a busy property with significant traffic levels. Mitigating the risk of transmission in your property or facility should be simple for a qualified janitorial company to assist with. The safety of the facility and those who enter should be a significant consideration on the company’s checklist of operations. These companies should provide services that ensure high-quality indoor air and help avoid accidents, like falls, trips, or slips, by putting up proper warning signs.

Communication is key

Clear and open communication is vital for delivering high-level service. Effective communication channels in business offer up to 25 percent more productive working environments. This fact makes communication the highest priority. A janitorial service company should communicate regularly for smooth operations, and you should always have a point of contact if there is a problem or you need additional services. You can do your part to enhance communication with your janitorial service provider by clearly defining your goals for your property and requesting an appropriate type of communication that fits your business needs. Listening to your janitorial teams and involving everyone within the office to ensure that janitorial services meet your company's needs is also helpful.

Insurance and liability management

The best janitorial companies protect themselves and go the extra mile to ensure that your property and employees are also well protected. A prospective commercial cleaning company should have four main coverage types to mitigate risk and manage liabilities.

  • General liability

General liability insurance is also known as business liability insurance. It protects the janitorial company from claims involving bodily injury or property damage. In addition, this insurance can cover medical expenses resulting from damage and injuries under general liability policies.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

As a business owner, you know that employers are required to provide worker's compensation insurance. This insurance is designed to cover medical costs and lost wages involved with work-related injuries.

  • Automotive liability

Because your janitorial service has to travel to you, it is necessary to know that they have automotive coverage that protects their vehicles and drivers from any property damage or bodily injuries to themselves or a third party in the event of accidents.

  • Umbrella policy

Businesses can find additional layers of coverage over primary insurance policies in the form of an umbrella liability insurance policy. This policy offers additional coverage over general liability limits. It ensures that if someone gets seriously hurt or property gets significantly damaged, coverage is available to make the situation right.

Choosing a professional janitorial company can be complicated and requires consideration of many different factors. Contact us today for more information on our janitorial service in Los Angeles. We have the experience and expertise to keep your space clean and safe.