Five Ways to Keep Patients and Staff Safe at Your Medical Facility

Five Ways to Keep Patients and Staff Safe at Your Medical Facility

Five Ways to Keep Patients and Staff Safe at Your Medical Facility

Medical professionals have been the essential and front line workers throughout the whole entire pandemic.  They work tirelessly to provide patient care to those that are injured, ill, or infected with COVID-19.  Because of this, their environments must be kept clean and sanitized at all times.  This has required many medical facilities, hospitals, surgery centers, and doctor's offices to increase their cleaning practices with the help of a janitorial service in Los Angeles.  There are a few important ways to protect your patients and your staff when they are working at your medical facility.

Wear Gloves

When you are working in a medical facility, you should always wear gloves.  This is especially true when you are touching patients, handling cell samples, or performing medical procedures.  Gloves will protect your hands from contracting or spreading germs from patient-to-patient.

Focus on High-Touch Areas

When you are cleaning, you should focus on high-touch areas frequently.  To increase your cleaning practices, you should keep sanitizer and disinfecting wipes in these areas to promote healthy habits.  Consider having a reminder for employees to wash or sanitize their hands and the areas they touch.  This is especially important in bathrooms, lobbies, waiting rooms, lunch rooms, and other community areas.

Start with Clean Spaces First

Many people assume that they should clean the dirtiest places first, so they will start with bathrooms or lobbies.  However, this presents a risk of cross-contamination between rooms.  Proper cleaning methods should be to start with the clean spaces first, and then move onto the dirtier spots in your medical practice.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

Anytime you are working in a medical facility, you will want to avoid cross-contamination.  By ensuring the proper handling of samples, bloodwork, needles, and other products, you will prevent the spread of germs from yourself to your patients.  This will also prevent tainting the samples that are important for diagnostic purposes.  By wearing gloves, throwing away materials properly, and establishing safety protocols, you will avoid the dangers of cross-contamination.

Hire a Cleaning Company

To upgrade the cleaning practices in your medical facility, hire a professional cleaning company to take care of all your cleaning needs.  Our janitorial service in Los Angeles provides the right equipment and the best cleaning supplies and chemicals that are needed to keep your equipment, rooms, lobbies, and surfaces clean on a daily basis.  This will increase the sanitization and disinfection of your facility, which will aide in the slow of spreading disease.  Patients and employees will feel safe and valued when they enter your medical practice and see our cleaning crew keeping them protected.

These are a few ways that you can increase your cleaning practices to ensure that your medical professionals and patients are safe when they are in your building.  Contact our cleaning experts to hear about our janitorial service in Los Angeles today.