How to Keep Your Business Clean During Flu Season

How to Keep Your Business Clean During Flu Season

How to Keep Your Business Clean During Flu Season

Flu season is around the corner, whether you like it or not.  Once the colder months creep in, we all need to start being diligent about our health and hygiene to prevent the spread of infection.  This is more important now than ever before, as we are still in an ongoing pandemic.  To prioritize the health of your employees, you need to consider how to improve your cleaning practices with the help of a janitorial service in Los Angeles.  You also need to put new policies in place that will place health above all else.  These are a few things you can do to keep your business clean and healthy during flu season.

Ensure You Clean High-Touch Surfaces

Contact points are those parts of your facility everyone ends up touching in a day. Now, imagine if these were to hold viruses causing flu, what comes after won’t be in any way favorable.   When you clean these high-touch surfaces often, you can tackle the main source of the problem by removing germs and bacteria from the area.  These surfaces include bathroom sinks and faucets, doorknobs, elevator buttons, hand rails, and kitchen appliances.  Our cleaning team will take care of all these cleaning jobs so that you do not have to assign them to your employees.

Properly Use Cleaning Agents

Now that you understand to clean, you must also know cleaning goes beyond using just water. The best would be to get handheld steamers, but disinfectants are good alternatives. However, without proper use of these, the risk of infection remains. Hence, all staff in charge of cleaning should know the right way to use these disinfectants.

The proper way to disinfect involves following these steps:
-Applying a typical cleaner and wiping with a microfiber cloth
-Then, apply the disinfectant. Allow this to sit for as long as the manufacturer of the disinfectant states on the product label.
-After which, you can rinse again and wipe off with another clean cloth.

Wash Your Cleaning Equipment

Even the cleaning equipment shouldn’t get left out of the cleaning process. It would be wrong to try cleaning an area with a cloth that already has germs having a free day on it. Hence, as you plan to clean your premises, ensure that all equipment remains clean and disinfected.

Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

When you are busy with many obligations at work, you may forget to tackle cleaning jobs like mopping the floor and wiping down the bathroom sinks.  However, these jobs should not be neglected, as they are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.  Office cleaning in Los Angeles is critical no matter what you have going on in your business, so set a schedule that you can stick to each day.  Be accountable by sticking to these jobs when these days arise, and don’t make excuses.  The more you avoid these cleaning tasks, the more you will encourage infection in your office.

Contract Out the Cleaning Business

Cleaning is no small deal, especially when it comes to staying at no risk of infections. And with the above point explaining, there is even a proper way to use disinfectants. Hence, you can hire contract cleaners to save both time and have your staff pay attention to work. These, being professionals, would ensure all cleaning protocols get followed to the letter. With their work, you’d only need to worry about paying them while thinking less of flu incidence.

Talk about Hand Hygiene

After someone uses the restroom, eats lunch, or touches any high-touch surfaces, you should instruct them to practice hand hygiene.  To remind your employees to take care of their hand-washing practices, you should hang signs near sinks and in common spaces.  Offer hand sanitizer in high-trafficked areas, like lobbies, hallways, entrances, and conference rooms.  Washing your hands is one of the best lines of defense against spreading illness, especially during flu season.

Provide Means of Disposal

As a medical facility, there will be a lot of garbage to go out. It would be best for all persons present within the facility to have easy access to disposal bins. Also, you should encourage all sharp objects are properly disposed. They carry more opportunities of passing around infections.

Encourage the Use of PPE

In this flu season, you should encourage the use of PPEs more than ever. Having your staff with disinfectant tissues, nose masks, and the likes will go a long way in limiting the spread of infections. Also, make available hand washers and sanitizers at every point of your facility. This ensures easy access for your staff to clean and disinfect their hands. After all, their hands remain the most common first point of contact of most infections.

Clean up Messes and Spills Immediately

When you make a mess, clean it up.  It’s that simple.  Sometimes going back to the basics is the best way to tackle your cleaning jobs at work.  By cleaning up messes and spills right after they happen, you leave the space looking brand new, which will prevent stains, odors, germs, and issues from developing.  As a business manager, it is up to you to set this example for your employees.  Clean things as you go to avoid larger tasks later in the week.

These are just a few ways that you can improve the cleanliness of your business as we prepare for cold and flu season.  When you want to increase the cleaning efforts at your business, but you do not have the time or resources to do so yourself, you may want to consider hiring some help.  Our janitorial service in Los Angeles can help you keep your facility clean each day, which will also keep your staff healthy.  Contact us to get on our schedule today.