Nine Ways to Create an Attractive and Polished Office Space

Nine Ways to Create an Attractive and Polished Office Space

Nine Ways to Create an Attractive and Polished Office Space

Are you looking to make your office space a more welcoming and inviting space for your employees and guests?  Do you want to keep everyone healthy and safe when they come to work?  When it comes to office spaces, you will want to stand out by providing an attractive, welcoming, and clean space to greet your customers and employees each day.  When your employees come to work, you want them to feel happy and excited about the day ahead.  When your customers walk into your office, it is important great them with a polished and tidy first impression.  As experts in office cleaning in Los Angeles, we understand that both design and cleanliness is important in the workplace.  These are a few ways that you can create an attractive, clean, and polished office space each day.

Decorate Your Wall Spaces

If you are tired of looking at blank walls, add a few bulletin boards to the space.  These boards can promote community, draw attention to important company information, and create attractive displays that add brand awareness.  Consider creating bulletin boards that promote community in the workplace by designing a space for family photos in an 'about me' board.  You can also promote professional development or training opportunities in a 'learn more' board.  The options for creative bulletin boards are endless

Enhance Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are a place where you should focus many of your cleaning efforts.  Because bathrooms have many shared items and high-touch surfaces, you need to keep up with the maintenance and care of these spaces.  Disinfecting these high-touch surfaces on a routine basis is essential in keeping germs from spreading through the office.  In addition to the health benefits, clean bathrooms also keep everyone happy and content when they need to go.  The last thing you want is to have people running to a different place because your bathrooms are not well-kept.

Create a Focus Wall

Do you have a company mission statement?  Create a focus wall in one of the common areas of your business so that you can display company values, virtues, and mission statements.  Using vinyl graphics to display these statements not only provides your employees with a virtue to strive for when they are work, but it also promotes your brand awareness.  Focus walls are great ways to enhance common spaces, like hallways, entrances, or lobby spaces.

Increase Cleaning Efforts

To keep an attractive office space, you need to also focus on increasing your cleaning practices inside the office.  Office cleaning in Los Angeles needs to be taken seriously each day so that you employees feel safe and comfortable when they are at work.  Because of the ongoing pandemic, there is a health concern when they go out to work each day.  To show that you value their dedication to their jobs, you need to increase these cleaning practices.  Make sure that these cleaning jobs are visible to everyone to provide even more transparency about their care.  

Use Window Graphics

Window graphics are another great way to add function and allure to your office space.  Label office door windows or glass walls to communicate the purpose and function of each space.  Use window graphics on entrances and windows to the outside to attract more attention from customers or clients that may walk past.  You can use business logos, hours of operation, facts about your business, information about basic services, and much more.

Inspire with Quotes

Inspiration quotes can greet your employees when they walk through the halls of your office space.  Adding vinyl quotes to the walls of your office can provide uplifting messages that motivate your employees and promote a positive work culture.  Consider using inspirational quotes to communicate the mission of your business with your clients, and change out this message depending on the climate of the world around us to uplift and motivate your workers.

Keep Windows Clean

Many businesses often have many windows and glass doors that separate spaces in the office.  To remove any blemishes and smudges from these windows, you need to be cleaning them frequently.  When you notice any blemishes, these create eyesores that distract your employees.  These blemishes also give off an unpolished appearance when you host meetings or greet new clients.

Add Greenery

Does your office lack many windows?  Do you want to promote a healthy and positive environment?   One great way to bring the outdoors inside is to use plants.  If you have rooms in the office that lack windows, add plants to this space to make it feel less enclosed.  Break up cubicles with large plants or indoor trees that can also help to increase privacy and promote concentration.

Hire a Cleaning Company

If you cannot meet the demands and requirements of the increased cleaning needs for your office space, you may want to consider hiring a professional cleaning company.  Instead of delegating these responsibilities to your employees, you should outsource these jobs to the professionals.  They have the equipment, cleaning technique, and experience to tackle all your office cleaning in Los Angeles with ease.  Also, when you employees and customers see that you have upgraded to professional cleaning, they will be pleased when they come to work.  It will show them that you value their health and safety in the workplace.

These are just a few ways that you can keep your office space looking attractive and clean daily.  When you put the effort to make your work environment enjoyable, clean, and safe for your employees, you can boost employee morale and lower the turnover rates in your business.  Contact us to hear about our services for office cleaning in Los Angeles today.