Proper Steps to Disinfect Your Surfaces

Proper Steps to Disinfect Your Surfaces

Proper Steps to Disinfect Your Surfaces

Are you worried that you are cleaning with the wrong techniques?  Are you concerned that you aren't actually eradicating your home of the germs, viruses, and illnesses that may be present?  When you are cleaning your own business, you may be missing some of the important steps that are involved in the cleaning process.  Sanitizing in Los Angeles requires certain steps in order to fully remove all of the pathogens, dirt, and grime from your surfaces.  When you are cleaning, take your time to follow all of these steps in order to properly disinfect your surfaces.

Read the Instructions

Before you actually start to clean, you should take the time to read the instructions on the label of the cleaning products.  These instructions will indicate how to properly use the chemicals that you will be disinfecting your surfaces with.  For example, some require specific equipment to protect your hands or eyes, while others may require a specific sitting time before you wipe it clean.  Reading the instructions is the best way to ensure that you're disinfecting properly.

Pay Close Attention to Warning Labels

In addition to reading the instructions on your cleaning products, you will also want to be sensitive and aware of any specific warning labels.  These can indicate specific hazards that the products may carry, such as skin irritations, proper handling or storage instructions, or dangerous inhalants.  If you don't pay attention to warning labels, you may skip a particularly important step, which can put you in danger during the cleaning process..

Wear the Right Gear

When you are dealing with cleaning supplies, you should also be sure to wear the right gear.  Often times, this doesn't involve much, but you will likely want to protect your hands by wearing gloves.  Many people keep rubber gloves in their cleaning caddies so that they can reuse them when they are cleaning.  These will keep the disinfectants from seeping into your skin, which can eventually irritate your eyes too.  Depending on the type of surfaces you need to clean and the type of chemicals you are using, you will want to wear the appropriate protective gear to keep your skin and eyes safe from these hazardous chemicals.

Clean, Then Disinfect

Before you actually use the disinfectant to remove the germs and organic substances from the surfaces, you should actually pre-clean the area.  Although this may sound counterintuitive, it is the best way to ensure that proper cleaning is truly completed.  When you clean the area first, you start by sanitizing and removing surface contaminants.  This way, your disinfectant will be able to seep deeper into the surface when you spray it on afterwards.  Don't skip this step to ensure that you deeply disinfect.

Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

Many people make assumptions about cleaning supplies because of the way they are marketed to the average consumer.  All-purpose cleaners do not always remove all of the viruses and pathogens from your surfaces.  Take the time to read the labels and do the research to make sure that you are using the right cleaning supplies.  If you are looking for professionals for proper sanitizing in Los Angeles, you can trust our cleaning experts to take care of your needs so you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

Let the Chemicals Sit

After you spray your disinfectant cleaners on the surface, you should let the chemicals sit before you immediately wipe them up.  This will allow the cleaner to seep into the surface and truly do the work it needs to do.  Without letting the cleaner sit for an appropriate time, you risk not fully removing all of the germs and viruses from the area.  Ultimately, this ends up being a waste of the cleaning product.  Take the time to read the label to learn about the appropriate amount of time your disinfectant needs to sit before you wipe it off.

Wash Your Hands

After you use the cleaning products, you should wash your hands thoroughly.  Even if you used rubber gloves while cleaning, you will want to wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least twenty seconds.  This is the best way to ensure that none of the germs have passed onto your hands during the cleaning process.  It is also beneficial in removing chemicals and their smells from your hands.  In fact, many people will bathe entirely after they deep clean their homes to ensure that cleaning products are fully removed from their entire body.  As professional cleaners, we use the right equipment to keep us safe during the cleaning process.

Properly Handle Waste

When you are done cleaning, you should dispose of any waste properly.  For example, you may need to launder specific washrags in warm water with only like colors.  Also, you may need to wash your rubber gloves in warm water and dish soap.  By cleaning and disposing of any waste that has been created from your disinfecting practices, you will be able to finish the process.  When you don't want to deal with all of this, you can hire professionals to clean your office or facility for you.

Store Chemicals Safely

After you are done cleaning, you should store all cleaning solutions and chemicals in a safe space.  Also, you will want to avoid keeping these chemicals in heated storage areas, as this can cause issues with the solutions.  Consider storing chemicals in a storage area or a cubby that is easy to access when you need it but still stowed away from everyday use.  

These are a few of the steps to follow when you disinfecting your surfaces.  Disinfecting and sanitizing in Los Angeles is one of the best lines of defense to protect your employees and customers from illnesses.  If you are concerned about proper cleaning processes to keep your business clean each and every day, contact the professionals LA Maintenance to hear about our range of quality cleaning services today.