Seven Types of Businesses and Buildings that We Professionally Clean

Seven Types of Businesses and Buildings that We Professionally Clean

Seven Types of Businesses and Buildings that We Professionally Clean

Are you wondering if we have the equipment and experience to handle the cleaning needs of your business?  Are you considering hiring professional cleaners to ensure that your cleaning is done property and completely?  When you are looking for quality office cleaning in Los Angeles, you should look no further than our team of professional cleaners at LA Maintenance.  These are just some of the large businesses and buildings that we professionally clean on a routine basis.


Daycares can be some of the messiest buildings that require extra care and effort when it comes to cleaning.  Although your staff members likely follow strict cleaning regimens throughout the workday, you should consider hiring a cleaning company to come in after hours and do the deep cleaning.  It is beneficial to perform deep cleaning jobs, like waxing floors, scrubbing bathrooms, vacuuming carpets, and sanitizing surfaces, each day.  Not only will this keep your area clean, but it will also decrease the spread of germs throughout your facility.  And everyone knows that daycares are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.


Schools also need to be well-maintained each day.  In fact, our cleaning company offers a daily janitorial service that keeps schools clean throughout the school day.  We offer both day and night cleaning services depending on the needs of your building.  For example, you may want a professional cleaning staff member to be there throughout the day to perform jobs like emptying trash bins, cleaning up spills and accidents, and tending to bathroom issues.  While your teachers are educating young minds, you do not want to interrupt them to clean up a student accident.  Take the time to get the right cleaning company for your needs.

Fitness Centers

Fitness centers, gyms, and dance studios are also breeding grounds for germs and bacteria to fester.  To keep your patrons safe and healthy when they are working out, many fitness center operators will hire professional cleaners to deep clean their facilities.  By showing your patrons that you are taking the steps to ensure that your facility is deeply and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each day, you will also boost the amount of business that comes through your doors.  When people are choosing their fitness center, cleanliness and safety is one of their top concerns.  With the help of the experts in office cleaning in Los Angeles, you ensure that you fitness center checks off all their must-haves and more.

Office Buildings

Office cleaning in Los Angeles is one of the main types of businesses that we clean here at LA Maintenance.  To keep up with the everyday needs of your office or commercial building, we are here to provide daily porter services or evening cleaning services.  Depending on the needs of your business, we can meet them all.  Our janitorial services offer everything from trash removal to spill cleanups to restroom upkeep throughout the day.  When you are interested in having our cleaners come after hours, we can take care of all the daily jobs so that your employees do not have to.  This can involve wiping down high tough surfaces, sanitizing lobby areas, deep cleaning restrooms, cleaning windows, dusting desks, and much more.  Our cleaners are equipped with the supplies and equipment to take care of your office cleaning jobs so that you do not need to worry about the health, safety, and productivity of your staff.

Medical Facilities and Hospitals

Another common business that we clean involve many medical facilities, like hospitals, therapy centers, rehab facilities, doctors’ offices, and diagnostic lab facilities.   These businesses are held to a higher cleaning standard, and this often involves frequent and routine cleaning to meet all their goals.  When these medical facilities are not kept clean, sanitized, and sterilized, they may be subject to liabilities when it comes to patient care.  Because of this, it is crucial to look for help from professional cleaners.  When we clean your medical facilities, we tend to everything from floor care to equipment sanitization to patient room sterilization.  Whatever your needs, we have the supplies and expertise to meet them.

Nursing Homes

Larger facilities that host many different patients each day should also be well-maintained to provide the best patient care.   Your nurses and medical staff are busy with patients and their needs, so let our cleaning company worry about the other cleaning responsibilities.  By hiring a cleaning company for office cleaning in Los Angeles, you show your employees that their medical skillset is valuable to them, and you also give your patients a safe and comfortable place to live.  From cleaning the common rooms to doing routine carpet care, these jobs make a huge difference in making a home for many elderly patients.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are large commercial properties that have many tenants.  Because of this, commercial cleaning companies are often the best solution to keep the entire building clean and safe.  Most of the time, each tenant will be responsible for cleaning their separate space, but what about the common areas?  Bathrooms, walkways, food courts, and courtyards need to be well-maintained to give a great impression on any of your customers.  Our cleaning company is here to take care of these jobs on a routine basis.  

These are just some of the businesses and buildings that we can professionally clean.  Depending on the type of business that you manage, you may want to have daytime or nighttime cleaning services to take these tasks off your plate.  As some of the experts in office cleaning in Los Angeles, we have the expertise, equipment, and reputation to clean almost any type of business.  Contact us to hear about our range of quality cleaning services and get on our schedule today.