Ten Ways to Keep Your Manufacturing Facility Clean and Safe

Ten Ways to Keep Your Manufacturing Facility Clean and Safe

Ten Ways to Keep Your Manufacturing Facility Clean and Safe

Are you concerned with the safety and security of your employees and customers when they are working in your manufacturing facility?  The manufacturing industry continues to be booming with business, which means that there are constantly workers coming in and out of your facility.  Many people uphold the responsibilities to keep these operations going, and they also need to be kept safe and healthy by upgrading the cleaning practices in the facilities.  As a janitorial service in Los Angeles, we help many businesses keep their facilities operating smoothly by sanitizing, cleaning, and organizing each day.  These are a few of the ways that you can keep your manufacturing facility clean and safe for employees.

Use the Right Cleaning Practices

When working in a large facility, you need to be using the right cleaning practices to uphold the safety and health regulations.  Be sure that you have the right cleansers and detergents for your surfaces, and properly clean your machinery on a routine basis.  By performing these cleaning jobs and staying on top of preventative maintenance, you prevent any issues that may arise when things are dirty, grimy, or just unsafe.  

Encourage Good Hygiene

Although this may not be within your control as a business manager, you want to encourage your employees to uphold good hygiene practices.  Encourage practices like proper handwashing, routine bathing, safety gear and apparel, and other everyday habits.  Health and safety start with practicing good hygiene and setting high standards in your warehouse.

Keep Sick Employees at Home

Nowadays, it is smart to encourage your employees to stay home when they are feeling sick.  By offering them extra sick days or the chance to perform certain work tasks while staying home, you keep germs and illnesses out of the workplace.  With the rise in COVID-19 cases once again, public health officials urge many employees to stay home when they are feeling ill.  This should be encouraged in every workplace, as these viruses spread quickly.  If they are let into your facility, they may spread throughout the entire community, and this can even cause a shut down for sanitization of the entire facility.

Follow Health and Safety Protocols

As a manufacturing facility, you likely need to follow guidelines and steps to adhere to safety protocols in your facility.  This involves safe handling of technology and heavy-duty equipment, but it also involves health regulations to prevent the spread of illnesses as well.  As a manufacturing warehouse, you employ hundreds of people that come into work each day.  Working near others requires you to spend extra time ensuring that they have PPE and follow the right cleaning and safety guidelines at work.

Make a Cleaning Routine

Cleaning can be neglected as a part of the workday, especially when everyone is busy with other tasks.  However, this does not mean that is it not just as important.  By making a cleaning routine, you prioritize the cleaning that needs to occur, when it needs to occur, and how it will get done.  Make sure that you schedule your cleaning so that everything gets done and done well.

Inspect Your Shipments

Before you bring in pallets of shipment materials, you need to thoroughly inspect these cases.  It is common for pests to latch on or dirt to stick to the bottom of the pallets.  By looking at the cases before you bring them into your facility, you keep those hazards outside of the area until the problems are resolved, and the boxes are clean.  This protects your inside spaces from unnecessary safety and health hazards.

Give Yourself a Break

When you work too much, stay at the office for too many hours, or constantly go form one project to the next, you may find yourself feeling burn out.  Burn out can cause you to make irrational choices when it comes to your business.   This can allow you to become lazy with your cleaning practices and your safety protocols.  If you are overworked, give yourself a much-needed break to avoid these mistakes.

Sanitize Crowded and Highly Used Spaces

When you work in a warehouse, you need to pay extra close attention to sanitizing the common areas of the workplace.  This is also true about cleaning the floors.  Even though many people may neglect these areas, it is important to clean all high-traffic areas thoroughly, as these will become breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria.  When you work in a warehouse, these illnesses can rapidly spread, causing health issues for many of the employees.

Provide PPE

When working in crowded spaces, you should also wear your protective gear as an extra precaution.  Masks can keep you safe from any respiratory issues, and gloves will protect your hands from any injuries or exposure to germs or viruses.  By encouraging your staff members to wear the proper protective equipment to keep themselves as protected as possible while they are at work.  PPE is also beneficial in preventing the spread of highly contagious illnesses and viruses from employee-to-employee.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

One of the best ways to ensure that your warehouse stays clean and safe for your employees is to hire a professional cleaning company.  Our janitorial service in Los Angeles will come to your business each day to care for any cleaning tasks that you need to routinely perform.  This way, you do not need to delegate these tasks to your employees.  We can handle everything from restroom sanitization, trash removal, floor and carpet care, surface disinfection, and much more.  To keep your facility running smoothly, it is beneficial to have everyday help tending to these jobs.

These are just a few of the solutions to help you keep your manufacturing facility clean and safe for your customers and employees.  Having quality assurance of your manufacturing products and processes is essential to job success, but so are your cleaning practices.  This is especially true now more than ever before.   By hiring our janitorial service in Los Angeles, you will take the first steps to keeping your warehouse clean and safe.  Contact LA Maintenance to get on our schedule today.