Ten Ways to Protect Yourself from Contracting COVID-19 at Work

Ten Ways to Protect Yourself from Contracting COVID-19 at Work

Ten Ways to Protect Yourself from Contracting COVID-19 at Work

Many people have been instructed to work-from-home during the past year, but this is not a luxury that everyone can afford.  Some jobs need to be performed on site, which requires you to travel to an office or jobsite to do your job.  However, with the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, you may worry about your risk of getting sick.  Because people are still getting sick with COVID-19, you need to stay diligent about protecting yourself and putting your health first at work.  As professionals in office cleaning in Los Angeles, we understand the proper way to clean and remove germs from any facility.  Here are a few ways that you can protect yourself from COVID-19.

Continue Social Distancing

You may have heard strict rules for social distancing implemented everywhere. From small shops to large malls, it was a common practice during Covid-19. It was one of the earliest guidelines released by doctors.  You might have seen on various commercial places that they have actually made spots for standing. This way, people can practice social distancing even better. Whether in your home or outside, it is recommended to stay 6 feet away from others.  Make sure to avoid large crowds at all costs and try to stay home unless it is necessary to head out.  

Keep Your Workspace Clean

When you need to spend your time working in the office, you should take extra care of your own workspace.  Take the time to sanitize and disinfect your surfaces and keep your work free of clutter.  Not only will this help with your productivity, but it will prevent the spread of illnesses when you are sitting in the same area all day.  When you do these simple tasks for office cleaning in Los Angeles, you can focus on your wellness even when you are at work all day.

Get Vaccinated

You might have heard many ridiculous rumors about the Covid-19 vaccination. Well, none of them are proven true. Instead, it is a strong defense against the virus. According to WHO, vaccinated individuals have a higher defense rate as compared to unvaccinated people.  It is a great development against the spreading virus that shows how people can still fight it.

Stay Home When You Are Sick

To protect yourself and your employees, stay home when you are feeling sick.  Talk to your employer to see if you can work from home when you or anyone else in your home is under the weather.  By staying home, you keep these germs out of your office, which will prevent the spread of illness.  If these germs are never brought into the office, then you never have to be concerned about spreading them around to your other coworkers.

Educate Yourself

Nowadays, policies are always changing, and health guidelines are becoming stricter.  By staying informed and educated, you can follow the newest and most current regulations that are outlined by the health community.  When you understand how to properly take care of yourself and how you can do your part in preventing the spread of disease, you can follow through with these actions.


People often overlook the importance of face masks. A mask can fight the bacteria and prevent it from entering your face area. In simple words, it is very useful against Covid-19.  Whenever you are going out, make sure to wear masks.   Masks, gloves, and other PPE supplies are helpful in preventing the spread of illnesses like COVID-19 so that you can stay safe.

Keep Yourself and Surfaces Clean

You may have seen the prices of hand sanitizers skyrocketing.  Handwashing and sanitizing are actually very useful as they help you keep yourself clean. Other than that, you can also use soaps to wash harmful bacteria and germs off your hands.    Our medical grade UV-C sterilization devices help to keep supplies and surfaces free of germs and bacteria.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Make sure not to touch your face with your hands when you are outdoors. Even if you have to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with elbows. In addition to that, you should also sanitize your nearby areas, which means your house. Your sweet home’s surfaces should be sanitized regularly so that you have fewer chances of being infected.

Upgrade Cleaning Practices

Another great way to prioritize health and safety at work is to talk to your managers about hiring a cleaning company.  Office cleaning in Los Angeles can be difficult to keep in-house, as the cleaning jobs themselves have become a full time job during the pandemic.  Many facilities do not have the resources or staff to do everything themselves, which means that they are either skipping important cleaning tasks or being overworked.  Hiring a cleaning company will allow you to focus on your job without compromising the cleanliness of your business.

Go Straight to Work in the Morning

Each morning, you may be tempted to do your workout, go to breakfast, or stop to run a few errands.  However, the more places you go, the more exposure you have to other germs.  To eliminate contracting other infections, it is recommended to minimize the places you travel to when you leave the house.  Consider working out at home or making a home-brewed coffee to skip out on all these errands as you head into the office.


These are a few ways that you can prioritize yourself and protect against COVID-19.  When you are concerned about staying healthy and safe, you need to take these extra measures.  Our office cleaning in Los Angeles is here to help keep your workspace and environment clean so you can focus on the job you need to do.  Contact us to hear about our range of quality cleaning services and get on our rotation today.