Types of Cleaning Services that Many Professional Cleaners Offer

Types of Cleaning Services that Many Professional Cleaners Offer

Types of Cleaning Services that Many Professional Cleaners Offer

Are you looking to partner with professional cleaners that offer a range of services?  Do you want to keep your facility clean, sterilized, and safe for your employees and customers?  When you hire a professional cleaning company to take care of your cleaning responsibilities so that you can focus on the work that you need to do.  Not only will our cleaning practices increase your productivity in the workplace, but they will help you create a lasting first impression for your customers.  These are a few types of cleaning services that many professional cleaning companies offer.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning may be something that you do not need to do daily, but that you still want the professionals to take care of.  Whether you work in an office building that require you to deep clean every day or need these services a few times a month, you may want to have your facility deep cleaned by the professionals.  

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Eco-friendly, or green, cleaning involves using products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for you and the environment. This is a service on its own, but also a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.  When you offer these services, many businesses will look highly upon your services.  Because employees or customers may be sensitive to certain chemicals used in many common cleaning solutions, you may need to consider getting eco-friendly cleaning and making a better impact on the air and environment in your building.

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Ceiling and wall cleaning may be part of a general office cleaning or janitorial service in Los Angeles, but it also can be bought as a separate service in some cases.  When you notice dirt, oil, and other grime on walls and ceilings, you will want to have these areas cleaned to promote cleanliness, better lighting, and health reasons.

Floor Care

Typical carpet cleaning services include steam cleaning, carpet repairs, and stain and odor removal.  Other floor care services, like mopping and waxing tile and hardwood floors, is available for places that need to keep up with the maintenance of these surfaces.  When you are looking for floor care, you want to be sure that the cleaning company is using the right equipment and solutions to effectively and safely clean your floors.  Talk to them about the type of equipment they use and how they keep the area safe during work hours.

Office Cleaning

This commercial cleaning service typically involves cleaning work areas, common areas, cubicles, restrooms, kitchens, and reception areas. Tasks will include mopping, dusting, polishing, sanitizing, and waste removal.   Many office buildings have commercial cleaners that take care of these responsibilities so that their employees can focus on being more productive and satisfied in the workplace.   Also, when you keep your office space clean, you promote a healthy and safe work environment, which will keep your employees safe when they are at work.

Window Cleaning

Some commercial cleaning companies also offer window cleaning as a part of their cleaning packages.  Keeping your windows clean is beneficial for many reasons, like removing distractions from the workplace and giving off a great first impression.  If you operate a commercial property or retail location that has many windows, you will want to get window cleaning on a routine basis, especially when your windows are also used to market your business with signs or messages splashed across them.

Restroom Cleaning

Cleaning restrooms may be part of office cleaning, but it’s also a high demand standalone commercial cleaning service for larger businesses or commercial properties.  Stadiums, schools, one-off events, and open public spaces can all benefit from this service.  Restroom cleaning services are beneficial when you need someone to keep up with the cleaning tasks that your employees cannot perform up to the same standards.  Keeping your restrooms clean, sanitized, and tidy is important to keep your customers, patients, or patrons happy when they are doing business with you.

Janitorial Services in Los Angeles

These services are some of the most common services at LA Maintenance, and they cover the ongoing maintenance and cleaning of schools, businesses, and large office spaces throughout the day.  We provide you with a team of janitors that handle cleaning responsibilities that can be tackled as your business carries on with their normal daily practices.  Typical duties include mopping, sweeping, and taking out the trash and general building maintenance like changing light bulbs and fixing broken doors.

School and Daycare Cleaning

Cleaning services offered to private and public schools, including cleaning floors, classrooms, desks, tables, and bathrooms.  Many of these facilities may also be interested in the janitorial service in Los Angeles that allows professionals to assist with tasks throughout the day.  To keep up with trash removal, clean up spills and accidents, perform cafeteria clean up services, and wipe down high touch surfaces, these services aim to provide upkeep throughout the entire school day.  When you have professionals on site throughout the work day, you will not have to worry about asking your busy employees to take care of anything.

Medical Cleaning

Cleaning services provided to clinics and hospitals. Because these facilities have high standards when it comes to cleanliness, medical cleaning is highly specialized. You need to use the right cleaning supplies and equipment and abide by the demanding cleaning practices.  Many professional cleaning companies have these tools and equipment in addition to the knowledge and training that is required to keep up with all the maintenance and care for medical facilities, hospitals, and doctors’ offices.

These are some of the services that professional cleaning companies can offer their clients to provide them with the right services they need.  When you are looking to enhance the health, safety, and appearance of your business, consider getting our janitorial service in Los Angeles.   Contact us to get on our schedule today.