An Outline of Office Deep Cleaning

An Outline of Office Deep Cleaning

An Outline of Office Deep Cleaning

An office does not typically appear as dirty as it really is, but the average office desk holds over 400 times the germs encountered on a toilet seat. Thus, it is critical to do traditional office cleaning and office deep cleaning to contain germ spread. In most circumstances, office deep cleaning isn't needed weekly, but you must do it regularly to keep the office safe and appealing.

Routine office cleaning keeps your office presentable for everyone who steps through your doors, while office deep cleaning gets into hard-to-reach places where germs hide and threaten the people.

What is involved with office deep cleaning?

Office deep cleaning requires more than just a brief clean of the bathrooms and floors. LA Maintenance recommends these steps for deep cleaning from a janitorial service in Los Angeles, CA:


During deep cleaning, it is critical to move furniture around so you can uncover all the grime on your floors. In addition, steam cleaning your floors while deep cleaning can help keep them healthy and sanitized.


It can be difficult to adequately clean office furnishings regularly due to serious use. Nevertheless, cleaning beneath furniture, raising any cushions, and cleaning under them are critical steps to add to traditional furniture exterior cleaning practices.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and restrooms demand frequent cleaning, but cleaners should do considerably more extreme cleaning in these locations during office deep cleaning services. This powerful cleaning incorporates scrubbing the whole toilet, disinfecting sinks and dispensers, and clearing clogged pipes. Pipe fittings also require disinfecting. Surfaces that touch food must be comprehensively disinfected and cleansed in the kitchen.

Vents and walls

The cleaner should examine walls during a deep clean and terminate any dust, filth, grime, moisture, or mildew. Dismantling vents allows access to dust traps, and emptying them during deep cleaning services is crucial.

High germ areas

When deep cleaning an office, it is crucial to concentrate on locations likely to collect the most germs. These include door holds, light controls, computer boards, ceilings, and baseboards. Individuals make contact with these veneers daily, but they are cleansed much more infrequently. As a result, these surfaces are coated with foul bacteria and need sanitizing during an office deep clean.

How often should you deep clean an office?

Office deep cleaning must be done at least once yearly but should be completed more frequently for offices with increased entry to public traffic like physician's offices, hospitals, and dentist's offices. Deep cleaning helps keep your office healthy and presentable when accomplished every quarter, particularly when combined with a weekly maintenance cleaning.

The last item you want guests to see when visiting your office is dirt and dust. A clean office boosts worker productivity and reduces the number of sick days employees need to take. Closing down your office for workers to deep clean is a hassle. It is often more effective and efficient to leave deep cleaning services to an experienced cleaning company to confirm that the office is spotless and germ-free.

LA Maintenance fulfills all your office cleaning demands with professional expertise to manage even the messiest details. Contact us now for more info on janitorial service in Los Angeles, CA.