Eight Ways to Update Your Business this Spring

Eight Ways to Update Your Business this Spring

Eight Ways to Update Your Business this Spring

Spring is a time for renewal. More people spend time outside the home, which means more potential traffic for your business. As a result, spring is the ideal time to update your commercial property to draw in more clientele and more profits. Our experts offer the following ways you can update your business this spring.

Interior elements

Though a customer’s first impression of your property is typically based on the exterior, the interior of your business is also essential to your business growth.

Reimagining your indoor space

If you are anything like me, a little rearranging of a space makes you feel better about your surroundings. This is true for commercial settings too. Consider rearranging furniture, product displays, and other interior elements to make the space more inviting. If moving things around is not possible, you might consider purchasing a few plants to strategically place within your area to add some additional life and color to your surroundings. Of course, keeping things fresh inside your property will keep customers interested too.

Deep cleaning

Spring cleaning is just as essential for a business as it is for a home. A dirty or unorganized commercial space turns customers off, so making sure your store is clean and inviting is good for business. Contact our janitorial service in Los Angeles for deep-cleaning services today. They will clean your property from ceiling to floor, all the nooks and crannies in between, including air vents, hard-to-reach places, walls, doorknobs, baseboards, wall hangings, blinds, and much more. They will move your furnishings around as needed to make sure your floor is clean and hygienic. Deep cleaning will make your commercial space look better and keep it free of allergens for employees, customers, and guests. Call a janitorial service today for a free quote and get your business in shape for the spring and summer seasons.

Exterior elements

Your business's exterior is the first thing potential customers encounter when passing by or visiting your facility. This is the perfect reason for improving the outside of your elements this spring.

Window washing

Most windows are left dingy and dirty from winter precipitation and contaminants in the air. Once the season is over, washing those windows will give you, your customers, and your employees a better inside and outside view. Believe it or not, clean windows can improve employee morale, as they can have a better view of the world outside like sunshine, flowers, and any wildlife passing by. In addition, people outside of your building will have a picture of your interior. This is especially important for storefronts of businesses that sell products because customers can be drawn in by the visual presentation inside your store. Window washing can add extra appeal to your commercial property, inviting potential customers to come inside to take a closer look.

Landscaping updates

Spring is the perfect time to update your business's landscaping. Start by removing any unsightly or unwanted plants, shrubs, trees, etc. Once these are removed, replace them with more appealing options. Where possible, opt for allergen-friendly vegetation so that your employees and customers with allergy problems are not aggravated when visiting your facility. If you live in an area with little rainfall, you might also consider installing a sprinkler system to keep your lawn looking green and beautiful year-round. Landscaping updates will improve your curb appeal and make your property more appealing to potential customers.

Commercial pressure washing

The exterior elements of your commercial property are inundated with dirt, grime, air pollution, and other harmful components daily. These dangerous contaminants can cause potential costly repairs and replacements when left unaddressed. Pressure washing your property's exterior will efficiently remove these contaminants, making your property safer, healthier, and more beautiful for you, your employees, and your current and potential customers. In addition, pressure washing services will improve your property's curb appeal, leave it looking nearly new, and prepare it for additional maintenance and repair services. Contact a specialist in commercial pressure washing in Orlando today for your free consultation.

Pavement repairs

Now that your parking lot is clean from pressure washing services, it is time to inspect the area for any damages. First, walk the parking lot and look for cracks, potholes, and indentions that create liability risks. You can leave any gaps smaller than 1/8 of an inch alone. Still, it would be best to repair any cracks more significant than this, along with potholes or indentions right away, to eliminate the possibility of accidents and injuries, more extensive damages from water intrusion, and untimely resurfacing or replacement. Call your local asphalt contractor today for more information on asphalt repairs.

Sealcoating your parking lot

Once asphalt repairs have been completed, the next step is sealcoating your pavement. Sealcoating is when contractors apply a protective layer of asphalt emulsion over pavement to resist damages from UV rays, vehicle fluid leaks, water intrusion, heavy vehicle traffic, and more. Sealcoating is recommended within a year of installation and every 2 to 3 years after for optimal protection. Call a professional asphalt company today for a free estimate and site evaluation. Sealcoating your parking lot will keep it safe and beautiful for years, saving you money on costly future repairs and attracting customers to your beautiful, secure parking area.

Parking lot striping

After you have sealcoated your parking area, it will be time for parking lot striping services. Proper parking lot markings keep your parking area safe and convenient for your customers and employees. These markings promote improved traffic flow, maximize parking space in your lot, and help you comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations. Paving professionals will help plan to optimize your parking area, add directional arrows, and create accessible parking. This service will make your lot safe and visually appealing to visitors and passersby. Do not hesitate to contact a local paving professional to quote the cost of repairs, sealcoating, and parking lot paving services to keep your parking lot safe and beautiful for everyone.

These are just a few ways you can update your business this spring. Keeping your property inviting and safe for employees and clients will pay off in the long run. Contact us today to learn more about our janitorial service in Los Angeles. We know clean!