How Often Your Janitorial Service Should Clean Your Office

How Often Your Janitorial Service Should Clean Your Office

How Often Your Janitorial Service Should Clean Your Office

You'd be shocked how many individuals ask us how often is often enough for office cleaning with a janitorial service in Los Angeles. A few times weekly? Daily? Or numerous times a day?

When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy work atmosphere in an office building, the truth is that deciding how often you clean comes down to several essential factors. Some of these elements include the age and state of the building, business type, office impression, health problems, frequency in which a particular space (or multiple areas) is utilized, and if it is an area that customers visit.

To determine the optimal amount of cleaning for your office area, some basic inquiries you can ask yourself include:

  • How large is your business (in terms of employees using the space)?
  • What kind of business do you operate?
  • Is the area an location that customers visit?
  • What are the office's hours of operation?
  • Is your office a high-traffic establishment or low-traffic area?
  • How clean do the office, bathrooms, kitchen, and dining rooms appear?
  • Are there any specific locations that experience more routine traffic than others?
  • Have there been any ongoing health problems among your workers?

Cleaning of General Use Spaces, Meeting Rooms & Offices

There are no hard-and-fast regulations for office cleaning in terms of frequency. For many office spaces, an everyday office cleaning by janitorial staff will suffice. However, this would be different than the needs of a diner and medical building, which we would hold to the much higher cleanliness and sanitation criteria. In an office, some of the usual day-to-day janitorial services include (but are not limited to):

  • General cleaning of the central office and conference spaces, as well as any restrooms, dining, and kitchen areas;
  • Dusting desks, gear, shelves, and other surfaces;
  • Emptying trash and recycle bins and clearing trash from the office space; and
  • Sweeping and mopping floors.

When employing a general janitorial service versus a full-service cleaning firm that performs janitorial tasks among their other services, there is a distinction in the quality of the work that is delivered.

Cleaning the Restrooms

The restrooms are a distinct area of interest when it comes down to the inquiry of how frequently you should tend these facilities. A daily janitorial service should suffice for a small- or medium-sized company (SMBs). However, if you have high-traffic bathrooms due to a more extensive staff, then this number should grow to several times a day (a minimum of once in the morning and once in the afternoon for companies that operate during standard business hours). A bathroom is one of the most contaminated locations in an office area. In addition to some of the most apparent areas of filth, such as in, on and around the toilets and urinals, an excellent janitorial staff will also clean and sanitize:

  • Restroom floors;
  • Partitions of the stalls or urinals;
  • Restroom counters;
  • Sinks, taps, and handles; and
  • Additional fixtures.

They will also complete several other tasks, including:

  • Emptying all garbage or other receptacle bins;
  • Replenishing all toilet paper, paper towel, soap, and air freshener dispensers;
  • Inspecting the lights to confirm they are operational; and
  • Inspecting to see if the door handles and locks are functional.

We hope this helps you determine how often to clean your office. Contact us today for janitorial service in Los Angeles. We are here to help.